"Hindi ka naman ‘lang’ e. At least hindi sa akin. Sobra sobra ka pa nga."

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He’s like the popular kid that everyone wants to be friends with and every girl wants to date. They say I’m lucky to be his friend, but to be honest, it’s one of those things that when people ask me about I immediately answer “unfortunately”.  

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guys. especially pessimistic guys.

I have a lot of friends who have boyfriend and a lot of the boyfriends are really pessimistic about life in general.

I don’t get them. At all. I don’t know why they have to be really mean and downgrading. Do they do that to make themselves look cool? Because I don’t see them as cool people. I see them as really shitty people who step on the happiness of others. That’s right my dear friends. Your boyfriends suck.

I’m just really irritated with them. Especially when they get into this intelligent yet really negative rant mode. I just want a normal conversation, not a debate on how the economy is run by the bourgeoisie or how religion is brainwashing the society. I want to know what’s your favorite ice cream flavor and how did you win my friend’s heart. I like intelligent conversations once in a while but please don’t bombard me with depressing facts and negativism.

My friends boyfriends should really loosen up. 

I feel infinite.

As cliche as it may sound, I may have just felt what Charlie felt when he was with Sam and Patrick.

I just love those moments with friends - free and uncomplicated. You don’t think about where this would go or if you’d stay friends forever. You just love every part of that present moment. Their smiles, their words, their unbiased and true selves.

So to Vince and Gabs, thank you for that wonderful moment. Thank you for making me feel infinite.

Happy 3rd Anniversary you lovebirds. :D

Thank you. :)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving Day, this blog entry is for all those people who I want to thank particularly this year. :) Yung iba siguro paulit ulit ko na lang sinasabi ang mga sinabi ko dito pero uulitin ko pa rin. haha.

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Piyaya! :)

  • sa Peysbuk
  • ako: kumusta exams?
  • Pia: ayos! walang review review haha \m/
  • ako: yeah! 'cause we're cool like that. :D

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feel at home sa Starbucks Robinson’s Tagaytay 

feel at home sa Starbucks Robinson’s Tagaytay