August Moon - Sara Bareilles (cover)

One of my favorites from Sara <3

cutiepie Zab sings Happy Birthday to his Nana! :)

cutie pie Zab sings happy birthday to his Nana! :)

posted 1 year ago

After Tonight / Trouble Mash Up - Carly Rose Sonenclar 

'Cause it's twelve fifty oooooooooone…. ng hapoooooooooon. XD 

12:51 cover. yupppp

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Tagos e. 

posted 1 year ago

Price Tag (cover)

my cousins and I did a cover of this very cool song. I didn’t know how to rap so I tried to tweak it a bit. I still ended up tongue-twisted though. XD oh well. hope you like this one :)

Payphone (Acoustic Cover)

after so many takes, here it is!! XD with my amazing cousin Angela! :)